Evander Holyfield (USA) vs Michael Dokes (USA) | KNOCKOUT, BOXING fight, HD

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  • 3:14 That can't be a headbutt from Holyfield 😄

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    • Holyheadbut

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    • @Luka Ilic de Müller ya ya no hay ni lo he in

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    • And low blow, dirty

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    • 9:51 next one that wins the fight

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    • And what about the 100 low blows by Dokes???

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  • The Real Deal in yet another classic,he had an iron chin to be a smaller heavyweight

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  • pertarungan sangat top

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  • mantap abis

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  • top abis

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  • holifil dan mex tayson legendaris tinju dunia

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  • I would take this over MMA no problem

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  • holyfeild is best👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

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  • we not gon talk about how dokes kissed his coach🤣🤣on the Lips And they Grown Asf🤣🤣🤣

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  • Thank you very much for sharing my dearest friend. Fully watched and stay blessed

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  • Dokes did his damn thing though.

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  • Dokes from a previous era held his own against prime Evander .

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    • Yeah, Evander was at his amazing prime. 💪✊👊🙏

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  • O juiz é o Eddy Murphy...😁

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  • What an awsome fight u dont get heavyweight fights of this calibre anymore what a phase they were fighting at BRILLIANT

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  • .

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  • Semakin Mantap

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  • Hummer MT

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  • "Dynamite" Dokes was no joke...but Evander was the Real Deal. Definitely in the top 10 greatest heavyweights of all time.

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    • @Pootie Putin This steroid cheat is not top 5

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    • Thanks for watching!

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    • Maybe top 5....

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    • Bluemovie

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    • Burmv

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  • Nem o Mike Tyson conseguiu vencer o Evander.

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  • Не хватило, но💪

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  • Holyfield diving in with headbutts again, just a few seconds before the end he came storming in with his head to finish Dokes off. Shit, he was a dirty fighter long before he clashed with Tyson in 1996, but no one seemed to pick this up early on in his career.

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    • ​@Jeffrey Letourneau *I do not see Tyson as invincible, but I'm also not an idiot like you to judge him for fights when he wasn't properly prepared or for his career after prison.* *Now, since you're clueless about the sport, let me educate you a bit:* *1* Tyson's prime was when he was with Kevin Rooney, when he was training properly and when he was focused on boxing. The man was as close to boxing perfection as it gets: fast, powerful, had KO power in both hands, threw combinations, had an incredible defense and and iron chin. Things began to go south for Tyson in 1988 when he fired Kevin Rooney, hired Promoter Don King, and married Robin Givens. He lost focus, and his skillset gradually deteriorated from there. This was especially obvious in the 90's, when he was a shell of his former self and just a head-hunter, who relied on offense. Tyson's youth was his blessing as well as his curse. He got too much, too quick. Less than five years after robbing people, he was the Heavyweight Champion of The World. The leeches, the women, the money, the fame; all of it came to Tyson before he was mature enough to handle it all. Tyson's prime was only a few years, but during that time period, he ruled the heavyweight division with an iron fist. *2* One's prime has got nothing to do with age. Some peak early, some later. Holyfield might have been older than Tyson, but he was pumped with steroids and had been active. Tyson was in jail for almost 4 years. Holyfield wouldn't have even beaten the Tyson that lost to Douglas, let alone the prime 88 version. *3* *Tyson in 1990 was not necessarily a past-prime shell so much as he was damaged goods.* Upon taking complete control of Tyson's career, Don King fired everyone who had essentially worked with Tyson from the time he was a teenager, including his trainer, cornerman, and manager. Bill Cayton, Kevin Rooney and everyone else was either terminated or had died by that point. Hired in their stead, were three obscure personalities named Rory Holloway, Aran Snowel, and Jay Bright. These were the men who worked with Tyson for some 18 months following the dissolving of the original team Tyson. In the meantime, Mike had gone through several episodes of exercising erratic behavior: - he had since been divorced by Robin Givens, and during the whole process, had made death threats to her and her mother; - he had been involved in a car accident (allegedly called a suicide attempt ) where he was injured-postponing the Frank Bruno fight, which had an original date of October 10, 1988; - he had been in a fist fight with ex-opponent Mitch Green which left Green's face a bloody mess, and Tyson's hand temporarily injured; - he performed in subpar fashion against Frank Bruno; - he would lose yet another family member, as his sister Denise Tyson would die tragically in her late 20's. With his list of blood relatives dwindling, his former team dispatched, his life going to pieces, and working with incompetent management for over a year, Tyson entered the ring against James Douglas on February 12th 1990. Tyson spent the weeks prior to the fight staying out late and rendezvouing with the local escort services. Additionally, he was struggling during training sessions, and at one point was dropped by Greg Page in a sparring session. During the fight with Buster, Tyson was rarely making an effort to close the sizable gap against the much taller Douglas, whereas against other tall opponents with reasonable jabs, such as Tucker, Holmes, Tubbs, and Biggs, Tyson had slipped the jab and followed up with a barrage of combinations coming in. We saw little or nothing of this against Douglas. Following the match, boxing legends, Gil Clancy and Angelo Dundee were interviewed on HBO. Both agreed that the corner work in that fight was some of the most unprofessional that either man had seen in quite some time. Snowel was using a dissolved bag of water to try and reduce Tyson's swelling over his eyes, while calmly giving him ambiguous advice with no real instruction " Mike your not closing the gap." All the while, Tyson sat with his head down during every intermission between rounds. There was clearly no interest here... *CONCLUSION: Was Mike Tyson the same fighter who had thoroughly flattened the division between 1986-1989 ? Absolutely not. He was by this point, the product of an unstable life outside of the ring, as well as a cash cow who was poorly managed. Ad on his immaturity and lack of guidance, and frankly, I think any decent challenger in the 1990 top 10 would have had a good chance of doing to him what Douglas did* *4* As for great boxers that he beat: 1) WBC Champion Trevor Berbick (31-4-1 with 23 KO's) was knocked down only 12 seconds into the 2nd round & ultimately knocked out 1:39 into the 2nd round. Tyson hit Berbick so hard that he is the only fighter in history to fall 3 times in a row & KO'd from the same initial punch. 2) WBA Champion James 'Bonecrusher' Smith was bloodied & battered for 12 painful rounds in a lopsided Unanimous Decision, proving that Tyson could easily win going the distance. 3) Former WBC Champion Pinklon Thomas (29-1-1 with 22 KO's) got annihilated in the 6th round. 4) IBF Champion & Undefeated Tony Tucker (34-0 with 29 KO's) who many thought had the right ingredients to beat Tyson & hadn't lost a fight since 1978, was ultimately bloodied & battered for 12 painful rounds in a lopsided Unanimous Decision, proving yet again that Tyson could easily win going the distance. 5) Undefeated Tyrell Biggs (15-0 with 9 KO's) who many also thought had the right ingredients to beat Tyson was bloodied, battered & ultimately knocked out in the 7th round. 6) Former Champion for 7 1/2 Years & HOF Legend Larry Holmes (48-2 with 34 KO's) was never knocked out in his illustrious career until Tyson pulverized him at the end of the 4th round. Holmes went on to fight 2 more time for the world title (against Holyfield and McCall) and went the distance in both fights. In fact, he was close to winning it against McCall, even though he was 45/46 at that time. 7) Michael Spinks resume = Gold Medalist, Ring Champion, was still considered the Lineal Champion by the entire world when he faced Tyson & was also Undefeated (31-0 with 21 KO's). Michael Spinks was never even knocked down in his entire career, none the less knocked out until Tyson tore him a new ass in only 91 seconds into the 1st round. Spinks had recently beat HOF Legend Larry Holmes TWICE in a row who ended Holmes 7 1/2 streak failing to beat Rocky Marciano's undefeated 49-0 record. Spinks is also known as a top 5 greatest Lightweight Champion of all time. Spinks resume speaks for itself. Spinks only loss in his career was to a prime Tyson. There is no knocking either of them no matter how hard the haters try. 8) Tony Tubbs was a good fighter and a former WBA champion with one loss by split decision to Tim Witherspoon until he faced Tyson. 9) British Champion & #1 Contender Frank Bruno (32-2 with 31 KO's) got beat to a pulp in the 5th round, despite Bruno's RIDICULOUS 27-pound weight advantage (247 to 220), a RIDICULOUS four-inch height advantage (6-3 to 5-11) and a RIDICULOUS 11-inch reach advantage over Tyson (82 to 71). Bruno was also in his physical prime at 27 yrs old while Tyson was only 22 yrs old & Bruno still got walloped in both fights. THOSE ARE FORMIDABLE OPPONENTS TYSON FACED & WHOOPED INTO AN OBLIVION !!!

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    • @Michael Trumph So when was Tyson's "prime", before or after Douglas kicked his ass? He was only 23 then, wow what a fantastic "prime". Tyson ran from Holyfield for years. Holyfield is older than Mike and would have beaten him at any stage of their careers. Name a great boxer in their prime that Tyson beat. You Tyson simps are delusional.

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    • @DeGuy Jay You imbecile, that was not a "prime" Tyson

      Michael TrumphMichael TrumphPrije 26 dana
    • @gwmba1989 everybody has his fatality move ;-)

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    • @Chris N. Evander 'I'll headbutt your face in' Holyfield

      gwmba1989gwmba1989Prije 27 dana
  • What a classic it was holyfield vs dokes

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