Arturo Gatti (Canada) vs Micky Ward (USA) I | BOXING fight, HD

11. Svi 2021.
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Professional canadian and born in Italy welterweight boxer Arturo Gatti with nickname "Thunder" against american Micky Ward with nickname "Irish" in the Fight of the Year awarded by The Ring magazine. Fight took place in Mohegan Sun Casino, Connecticut, USA on May 18, 2002. Spectacular and high class boxing match from golden era in HD.

Arturo Gatti (Canada) vs Micky Ward (USA) I | BOXING fight, HD

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  • Amazing. One of the best fight i've ever seen. Freaked out...

    alex tassoulisalex tassoulisPrije mjesec
  • Brutális.

    Jozsef KissJozsef KissPrije mjesec
  • great fight!

    John SorJohn SorPrije mjesec
  • Both are really great!

    Silent riverSilent riverPrije mjesec
  • Arturo Gatti legend super star

    абдулатиф тохтасиновабдулатиф тохтасиновPrije mjesec
  • Frankly amazing fight

    Ryan Hughes Welsh hooniganRyan Hughes Welsh hooniganPrije mjesec
  • Артуро помним✌✌✌

    Vadim AfoninVadim AfoninPrije mjesec
  • Both true warrior's from start to finish

    Sam CaldwellSam CaldwellPrije mjesec
  • Мики 👎

    Петрик ПьяточкинПетрик ПьяточкинPrije mjesec
  • it is supposed to end with a draw😲 Both boxers were brave and stubborn.🙄

    sami samisami samiPrije mjesec
    • Yes

      Adu KobiAdu KobiPrije mjesec
  • Epic trilogy!

    SRDA StorageSRDA StoragePrije mjesec
  • God bless you ❤️

    Señor Bugs BunnySeñor Bugs BunnyPrije mjesec